Two back to back amazing workouts; this routine is the BOMB.

It has been years since I have immersed myself this deep into a workout and I'm loving it. And the results are coming and I can see it in how I look, how I feel and how much I'm doing. Every workout has me trying to beat the previous weight, reps or both; and I'm doing it. In 3 weeks on the Decline Bench Press I've gained 30 lbs; that is 10 lbs per week. All lifts are like this; it is absolutely amazing. If only I had a training partner I could kick it to the next level. Have few that seem to want to come on board so hopefully I can get them started so that they will be in the mix and we can help each other. In the meantime I will just keep plugging away. Some heavy weights I'm dealing with by myself but am finding I'm backing off a little for my safety.

I feel good. I'm looking better. It is being noticed by others especially my wife. With some cardio to up the fat burning this could be one hell of a body for the summer. I'm 42. I feel like I'm 18. I'm working out like I'm 20's. I look like I'm in my early 30's as nobody can believe I'm this old. There are benefits to these 13+ years of lifting and I'm glad I'm on this ride. Let her buck.