Hello fellow Chinese martial arts enthusiasts!

I'd like to inform anyone who lives in the Des Plaines area of Illinois of a Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis school opening. I am a student and I'm helping the instructor obtain some interested parties to train with us.
Without being too long-winded, here's a discription of the style, teacher and school(basically our Craigslist listing):

Instructor Brian Snapp trained under Master Paul Whitrod in London, U.K.
Master Paul Whitrod is of direct lineage of the Great, late Grandmaster Yip Shui of Hong Kong.
Instructor Snapp is one of only two certified instructors carrying the CHOW GAR SOUTHERN PRAYING MANTIS lineage and offering this "EXTREMELY RARE" Traditional Gung Fu system, in North America.
Instructor Snapp has gained rich insight from Master Whitrod-Sifu Whitrod has devoted is life to the scholarly pursuit of exotic and beautiful traditional martial arts of Old World India and China. He truly is an inspiring and knowledgeable Master.


Master Paul Whitrod, U.K.:

Master Li Tin Loi:


Chow Gar Gao "Chow Family Teachings" Southern Praying Mantis Gung Fu
is an extremely rare art that utilizes highly effective close range self-defense technique
that is generated by lightning quick, heavy and powerful "SHOCK" movement.

Often referred to as the "Machine gun" art form, Chow Gar training will develop great strength,
superior self-defense skill and improved health.

*Iron Body Conditioning *Highly Effective Technique
*Qi Gong *Ground Fighting/Qin-Na
*Classical Weapons *San Sau-Fight application
*Traditional Forms *Sensitivity Training

Currently accepting students. Enrollment is limited.
Classes will be held in Des Plaines.
Please email me if interested:
Thank you!