I am new here and would like to ask a question about certain
prudent legalities I think are necessary if my wife enters into a
school sharing arrangement. This arrangement is further
complicated by the fact that the current owner is her instructor,with whom she now has an informal school sharing arrangement.
This arrangement is about to change as the instructor will be moving and is wanting my wife to continue to teach there with her current students. Additionally any of his students that wish to stay and be instructed by my wife.
As a side note it is unclear to me as to whether or not they remain his students insofar as testing and progression of rank are concerned, she is a 4th degree and can only promote up to 2nd degree and that would also seem to change the flow of lineage.
The departing instructor has transferred ( for some unknown
reason) to another student (of lower rank) the lease and the
various accounts. This student is now the "administrator".
For numerous reasons (which I will not go into) this is not
the type of transfer that was expected. ( or deserved, in my
opinion ) My question, as there is nothing in writing, what
type of contract is commonly used when a martial arts
or a dance instructor, etc. work within a gym or a similar
establishment? What would be this description used to describe
such an arrangement? Subcontractor? Consultant? Etc. She
currently is operating as a small business within this
One final note. My wife has been working
(for several years) on her 5th degree under the current owner/operator of the "Martial arts center". She is unhappy about this arrangement (as am I) and contrary to my advice did not attempt to require a controlling document to clarify the
rights and responsibilities of all the parties and the
particulars of the agreement. These are the type of
misunderstanding that inevitably occur "without" a controlling
"written" document.
Anyway, what type of documents have any of you used if
you have or are in a similar situation?

Thank you very much.