You definately missed some very important aspects which need articulating IMHV. Consider, re: SPACE, whatever its size, the training area M-U-S-T be clean; free of things which could harm you.

Nothing on the floor to trip you. Nothing attached or connected to the walls which can cause any potential harm. Organized, neat-clean is 100% mandatory, no matter what size the space might be.

If the shoes, or "outside stuff" is all over the place rather than in a specific area... not a great sign.

Weapons IMHO are typically a very bad sign (only in the generic) "initially". Playing with weapons, swords, knives, sharp and pointy things are a generic red flag. There are all kinds of weapons, and specific arts which teach them in different ways. But in the generic giving someone the weapon any weapon prematurely is a bad warning signal in my humble perspective. You need to know about the people you are arming , training before you simply give them such tools the very first day.

Merely my humble opinion, I could surely be mistaken,

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