I took a test this past weekend with Grand Master Evan Pantazi and now I have the rank of PL 2 from Kyusho International. I tested with 10 other people who train Kyusho at my school. 4 of us reached PL 2. 2 got PL 3 and the other 4 got PL 4. What an awesome year this has been. In November my school gave me Sandan in our style (American-Te). My school has added internal arts with Sifu Dave and some of the black belts are training with him too. I go to the best school there is of course! I'm a 62 years old female. So far I've been pretty good at adjusting regarding the age issue. Looking forward to another successful year. Just think, a few months ago, I thought I was too old and was ready to quit!
The older I get, the better I was!