Not sure if theres another place for this but i thought i would share what happened to me last night after work and my kung fu knowlege helped me. First my backround: im a 26 year old who has been taking kung fu for the last 1 and a half working on 7 Star Preying Mantis as well as Xingyiquan and long fist which is the base for 7 Star.

I met a few friends at a local bar, they were having an ugly christmas sweater night so everyone looked ridiculous accept me as i was coming from work so i had on my typical button down and dress pants.

anyways i was there for about 2 hours when a routy, loud group of guys came in. There were 4 of them around 21-26 i would say. They came in yelling and screaming trying to be funny but proving to be more annoying then anything else. Anyways they were drunk and ran up to the bar and pushed their way in the middle of another group of people to get beer.

Me and my friends just ignored them as they kept being more and more vulgar to the point where the bartender who is a good frien of mine had to yell at them to calm down. After about 20 minutes they looked over at my group of friends and kept yelling about me not wearing an ugly sweater like everyone else and began trying to insult me. Im very anti aggressive so ignored it and kept talking to my friends. The group i was with had 4 girls and 3 guys me being one of them. I was talking to my friend Kim who is a very very attractive girl i have known for many years. Well one guy kept yelling to her saying that his sweater was the ugliest and she should come over and talk to him. She just laughed and ignored it. He kept interupting us and finally came over and tried to pull her over. She got mad and said back off. Then i stepped in and told him to go, that she doesnt want anything to do with him. Then he gets up in my face, i tell him to leave us alone. All his friends began screaming saying that i wanted to piece, which clearly i didnt want anything to do with this but it was making my friend kim very uncomfortable. The guy was my size, about 6'3" around 250 pounds and he swung. i stepped back and went right into 7 Star Stance. i used both hands to grab his arm as i side stepped. Once i had his arm i swung up with a cranes head strike to his elbow. I heard a pop and he screamed. I struck him very hard possibly breaking his elbow i dont know, i then stepped forward and punched (the Pi Strike from Xingyiquan was all i could think of at the moment) and hit him in the head knocking him to the floor. His friends mouths where wide open and didnt say a word. One guy was trying to push through but his friends held him back and the bartender at this point was on the phone with the cops and the guy that swung at me was now on the floor yelling about his arm. They tried to leave but everyone stopped them from leaving till the cops got there.

The cops asked me what happened and even the morons friends said that i was just defending myself. Im not sure whats going to happen to me as i am a martial artist but it was caught on camera and i did not attack or even start with him and backed off after the first strike. The cops said i was ok and i didnt have to leave or anything but they would be talking to me today so we will see what happens. ill keep eveyone up to date but i thought i would share my story as i am grateful for my teachings and knowledge in kung fu even though its very limited at the moment only training less then 2 years.

My teacher hopefully will be proud of me as i used what he taught me. i am greatful for this art and will continue to learn as much as i can. smile