hey everyone,

been a couple of years since ive been onsite so thought id stop by.

ive been K9 now for 3 years. my german shepherd's name is KIBO (Knowledge In Bravery Out). he was whelped in poland, came thru germany and my pd picked him up stateside.

he is sable and is a great K9. he is social, but will get the job done when needed.

so far, hes had 4 contact apprehensions, quite a few non contacts (suspect surrenders upon sight or announcement of K9).

i think the 1 im most proud of is a man track where KIBO started barking and jumping in the air at a pole barn that was 15-20 years away. he was trying to tell me the suspect was hiding in the attic area. i gave a warning and the suspect surrendered.

i thought he was hiding in the ground floor!

taught me a lot, especially since it was a fleeing suspect w/firearm call.

im having lots of fun

just thought id stop by and say hi
Remembering 3655K

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