Hello everyone, i am in need of some assistance. I really want to lose weight. I have been training in Kung Fu for the past year, switching from Pai Lum Tao to 7 Star Praying Mantis/Xingyiquan. Since January 2010 i have lost 35 pounds taking up kung fu, changing my diet and just taking better care of myself. Im looking for better flexibility as well. I seemed to have stopped loseing weight with the same routines that i have been doing. I am 6'3", i was 300 pounds im now down to 265-270. i havent been able to get on a scale in a few weeks.

My question is, what do you recommend? Are there any suppliments or fat burning stuff you would recommend? Does Green Tea Extract work? Do any of you have any good recomendations for me? I work a typical office job, so i dont get to move around too much. Any workout routines you might suggest?

I have recently come off a pretty serious lower back injury. I got the ok from my doctor to start working out again, he said that the kung fu i have been doing has really helped keep my body in good shape. Im specifically trying to lsoe my stomach and chest fat. My arms and elgs are really toned out, i get compliments all the time on my legs whenever i wear shorts smile but i really want to look better. Any advice would be great appreciated or maybe some suggestions. if you suggest anything like a suppliment, which ones would be helpful and useful.

Thanks in advacned for checking out my post and any info i will take into consideration.