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I have this problem and have even torn one of mine as well.

Treatment is rest, ICE and stretching. The best 2 I do is on a stair (or raised platform) and lower your heel using your body weight to slowly give it a deep stretch.

Next one works best with gym shoes. Put the ball of your foot on the wall, heel on the floor and bend you knee pushing your hips into the stretch.

I recommend Tumeric, I take it everyday and it has worked really well and you can get off the Advil once it builds up in your system.

Doctor is a good idea but if you have it, they will likely tell you something pretty close to what I just did.

Avoid running or any sport with hard stops like basketball or tennis, at least until the pain is under control...it will just aggravate the injury and it will never get better.

This is the right procedure to treat Achilles tendinitis,
In Short you can remember PRICE!
PRICE stands for
P= Protect
R= Rest
I= Ice
C= Crape bandage
E= Elevate

These majors can be done at home also. Visiting physiotherapist is good as he can stretch the corresponding muscle groups which may not be stretched properly by self-stretches. he may give Ultra-sound therapy locally to boost the healing!

Warming up before doing any exercises or workouts is advisable to avoid any injuries!