The key points of that "quote" (I'm not sure that is the exact quote either) are "momentarily" and "IF you were to be...". That's a small moment and a big if.

It's not to suggest that you should never or that it can't be done. There is a story in Gozo Shioda's book Aikido Shugyo, where he recounts an incident where a US soldier was involved in a challenge of sorts, and his response was to kick him in the stomach.

There are many ways to teach and learn the sorts of things you mentioned, not necessarily that one way is better than another. But I would tend to agree, it is less explicitly taught in Aikido than, say, in the CMA.

By the same token, not all taiji (or bagua or xingyi) are equal. The majority of your average garden variety taiji suffers from the same issues and shortcomings as aikido.