Hi everyone, I didn't want to put this up as I've seen a lot of them, but I'm really struggling to create a good stretch plan for what I want. I've read a lot so far and found http://www.fightingarts.com/reading/article.php?id=256 helpful. I've read up a lot but somethings seem to make little sense to me and I just want a black and white stretch guide. I've been reading up here http://www.trickstutorials.com/index.php?page=content/flx3#ddf_5a but again, I'm unsure of what to do to achieve my goal.

I want to be able to kick high, but keep my foot there for another kick. I can already kick fairly high but lack the strength to keep it there.

I also lack a partner to do PNF as much as I'd like to so I'd like an alternative.

Many thanks