Agreed a boring fight.

When I first watched the fight I thought Machida had won and the judges flubbed. Rounds 1 and 2 were close but the 3rd round definitely was Machida. However after now watching it a few time most definitely the judges got it right with Rampage winning 1 and 2; while rather close but correct. With 2 rounds to 1 for Rampage he was the clear winner.

Rampage felt he did not fight to his potential and basing it on the last round felt he lost. Dana White and others disliked this and even they saw that the correct person won. I've read Dana is not even planning a rematch but that can always change.

Machida lost that fight, Rampage did not win it. Machida had the ability to win but he did not fight enough to win it in the first two rounds. Rampage was the aggressor and while Machida did get some nice leg kicks in he was controlled a lot against the cage, foot stomps and a wild Rampage throwing down against a moving Machida. While Machida may have seen this as playing safe it turned out to be a boring fight and he is becoming less of a fan favorite. We need the Machida that won against Rashaad to fight not a lesser clone of Anderson Silva who has his own problems and mixed views.