Mark: thank you for the information on the books. i will def look into these as i am very interested in the style.

Shi Ronglang: I just had my first lesson on this style this past sunday. I only learned one of the elements (Pi) and by just doing that i can already feel a much stronger platform in my stance and the strike of that punch.....amazing. Any information is greatly appreciated laugh.

The style is not very pretty, but i am not looking to be showy or have style...i want it to be affective. i am not worried about looking good like in Wushu all thought i fully respect anybody into the showman portion of martial arts. i love how simple yet powerful Xingyiquan is and i have only learned 1 part of it....i cannot wait to learn more.

My main goal is to learn 7 Star Preying Mantis which is what my teach originally began starting me on and i will continue to learn that but i am also very interested in Xingyi. So during the winter months i will be taking up Xingyi practicing the footwork and after the winter i should have a good platform of footwork and stance balance so that i can get back into staff work and mantis smile