Hello everything this is my first offical post and i had a few questions. I have been taking kung fu since April. I started off taking Pai Lum Tao kung fu which was interesting but not really what i was looking for and then recently a few months ago started taking 7 Star Praying Mantis which i love. To help me with my footwork my new teacher has told me about Xingyiquan and how the foot work is very similar. So after reasearching it alittle my teacher who knows the 5 element fists, and the 12 animal forms as well as 2 of the presentation forms (the ones created for wushu and such) is going to start me on it over the winter due to having limitations with the weather. my question is this...anybody out there take Xingyiquan? what do you think of it? and anybody recommend any good books on it? my teacher is amazing at what he does and i know he will be showing me everything he knows about it but i was just asking on here for any information you may have smile

Thanks for checking out my post and anything you may recommend i will seriously consider. thanks alot