Saw it & liked it. I am a big movie fan, but not such a big MA movie fan. With that being said, I did enjoy it. It reminded me a bit of the TV series Kung Fu of the 1970s. The main character is a korean actor. Not sure what country he fled from, but he winds up in a tough town in the American "old west". He lives a quiet life, trying to blend in as the only Asian (LOL) in the area. But he does the laundry, so go figure. When the band of real tough bad guys come in, he of course has to save the woman. In doing so, his cover is blown & those looking for him from back in Asia, track him down. I won't run the ending, but will say that the way it ended leaves it wide open for a sequel.
It was too modern for me & the fight scenes were over the top, especially with the special effects. But that may be a plus for the younger crowd