Hi all,

This is my first post here in the MA community. If I had to identify myself as either a buddhist meditator or a martial artist I would probably say buddhist meditator, not that I'm a great meditator, rather I'm not so good at martial arts. Yet as I've being doing MA for a number of years I need to find some new avenue to enable more growth. Having said that I have a dilemma and are hoping that someone here has gone before and can make some suggestions.
From a meditative POV my meditation is quite stable and is reflected in my daily life. The problem seems to be if mushin is present while training, I feel like I am not "trying" enough to understand my MA teacher. Sure there is great flow and awareness, yet it doesn't result in any more skill. Also, my level of detachment impedes attempts to set goals and work towards them. There is more to it, but its a bit hard to describe, but I'm hoping that those who have had experience in this area may know what I'm talking about.