The thing to remember too is that it's not the government who would have access to the system for whatever they want, law enforcement would get it from the providing company in an emergency. And it would be state before federal. I trust LEO's and the government more than I trust random people who may be around my kids (future kids) at any particular time. I would get the chip removed after age 18 anyway. My kids WILL be able to protect themselves by that point. If every child had this then none could be4 effectively kidnapped for long.

I used to be a pretty zealous Christian, and as long as there is no marking on the forehead or wrists it shouldn't matter. That "mark of the beast" thing is suppsoed to be very visible and in those locations. So if you believe that stuff what I'm talking about shouldn't be an issue. This kind of thinking is making a lot of sense to me these days.

For myself and my wife though, till we have kids, I have a .357 revolver stashed away ready to go. We're moving from an apartment into a duplex and I plan to have motion activated lights in the front and rear entryways. My dog isn't a guard dog but she is loud enough when ANYONE so much as walks by the place that we will be alerted well ahead of time. I think people who live in particularly big houses should take a course in basic room clearing tactics as well. Or get a soldier or cop to teach them some of those skills.
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