The only thing that RBSD SHOULD have that mma or any other combat sport is time spent working on situational awareness, de-escalation strategies, escape and evasion, and weapons of opportunity. And of course mentioning where mma techniques need to be slightly tweaked so you don't, say, get your nuts bit or something. And when you don't have the rules to worry about you can spend some time lookign at opportunities to use things like ball shots to create openings. However, you don't need to spend TOO much time on that dirty stuff, I'm realizing a lot of it is just common sense. You only need to gloss over that stuff a little bit. Still valuable though. For example take down defence, if some one tackles me with a double leg, in mma I'm going to stuff his head, get my hips out, and move out at an angle. In a street fight I still need to do that but I can drop some elbows to the back of their head first. Or grab a rock and crack their skull with it. RBSD should only add some strategy and unique training scenarios, not much i nthe way of physical techniques.
Member of DaJoGen MMA school under Dave Hagen and Team Chaos fight team under Denver Mangiyatan and Chris Toquero, ran out of Zanshin Martial Arts in Salem Oregon:,