In my experience there has always been what MA is supposed to be and what it is, and what it is, is based on an under current of violence. We are all happy to get along and perform with respect and honor, as long as we all respect who the Alpha dog is.

It's often subtle, but that tension was always there when I was competing, and it's still there even today.

I've seen most tournaments go just fine, with everyone competing and behaving just fine, like we would hope. But I've also seen plenty of garbage go down as well.

This "Master Paul" story sounds more psychological than anything else. I imagine alone without his entourage he gets run out of the tournament as a statistic. It's just gamesmanship of a sport and why the sport has such limited appeal.

Stick Master Paul in an Octagon, see how it works out for him.
Undefeated in all of Asia!