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I've been away, but had the urge to post after an incident yesterday. This has nothing to do w/ kata, but the Open Tournament mentality.

Years ago (when I competed in a few of these), I also noticed a high degree of disrespect toward the Ref's & Judges during the sparring competition. It was just short of normal for the competitor who failed to score or who had been scored upon, to complain to the Ref/make snide/under-the-breath/sarcastic comments, yell like pre-schoolers/threaten the officials/opponent and on one occasion, get into a fight w/ a member of the opponent's school.

Well, yesterday at Kubota's tournament (always a well-run event), a small group of Kempo guys led by "Master Paul" (as he called himself), became the thugs & azzwholes often seen @ Open Tournaments. Complain, bitch & cry about points, but what really took the cake was when "Master Paul" ws fighting in the Senior division. About 20 seconds after a minor face contact that he initially shrugged off, all of a sudden, he was flopping to the floor, spread eagle as if he's been decked by the Iceman. His student kept saying "Master Paul, why you so silly?" After the medic gave him an OK, he popped to his feet, winked & stuck-out his tongue. As the bout continued, he got angrier & angrier as each of his pushing side-kicks or flippy back-fists weren't scored. His students supported his protestations by berating the Ref & making comments re: favoritism. I was thinking, "Idiot, read the rules."

Then it really got ugly when he lost. As a big intimidating guy, he got in everybody's face, including someone in the stands. I honestly thought that there would be a brawl, but the intervention of the campus security & maybe the number of karate-ka gathering close kept him flapping his jaw & not swinging his fists.

Now, this isn't an indictment of Kempo, but it was 5 yrs ago that this same thing happened (w/ another Kempo group). The chief instructor reprimanded his competitor (an instructor) & apologized, but not before the instructor threw-out a few F-bombs & threats.

Where do these idiots come-off acting w/ such a high degree of disrespect & contempt in some one else's 'house'. How do their mouths & attitudes make-up for their lack of skill? Where does the arrogance come from? I think it was lucky for those punks to remain in jibber-jabber mode rather than throwing blows because I know that every -one was sick of their prolonged diatribes & wanted an excuse to do damage.

Thanks for the opportunity to rant.

Unbelievable to say the least. I thought martial arts were suppose to be about respect, honor and discipline but this certainly doesn't reflect that. What a poor example for his students. And to think with the domino effect what they one day may teach others. This has no place in martial arts. Another self serving idiot. Another black eye to martial arts.

As I said above, I have limited experience with tournaments and to be honest I really did not care if I went or not. Most of the stuff to be honest was bogus and people just looking for medals and trophies. To me that is not martial arts that is commercialization. Competing for competing purposes is one thing because I do believe competing can make you better but in these atmospheres I think that is lost. And for the people running it, it is nothing more then making money; again wrong.

Perhaps I'm not the norm thinking training is about making your better and not adorning yourself with medals and trophies.