I know, an older thread but I had to read this, the "angry" part caught my attention especially reading the original post. grin

I've had very limited tournaments experience. The ones I did were Taekwondo based with our circle of schools so really no need to announce anything. And I did attend a huge one with multiple arts, that including sparring and fighting from different arts, forms/katas/patterns and weapons. It was quite interesting to see for the first time. Because of our focus I didn't get to see much especially since it was in a hotel and several large conference rooms were being occupied for different things. Interesting though.

To be honest, I think the reason it was initially done was self serving. It was to make who ever they were "seem" more then what they were especially the sifu. To make them stand out more so then others. To make it "seem" they were more disciplined and more cultured. I personally would rather the person's actions speak louder then their words. From just your post obviously his vocalization stood out more then their performance and would almost guarantee to the judges that it did for them as well.

Was a good chuckle though to read.