Not sure if that's the norm in other countries too, but in every kungfu competition I've seen so far, introduction aren't given by the competitor himself. The judges are provided beforehand with a full list of competitors with their names and styles; competitors are then called in turn by their name, with their style being announced in the same way. The competitor stands until a gesture from the judges indicates he can start, once he's done with his form he salutes and waits in the same position for his score to be announced - then salutes again and leaves the mat.

Concerning incompetence on the part of the judges, I've seen it occasionally but to their credit I must say that a friend and I, a couple of years ago, where barred at the last moment from competing as we were told none of the judges present were qualified to evaluate our particular styles (xingyi-quan and baji-quan). It was a rather unpleasant surprise, but I have to salute their honesty.

I have to say, however, that I have indeed seen some judges dragging a competitor's score down in order to settle a score with the said competitor's teacher.
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