LOL- "Angry Dwarf" reminds me of a few kids at my (new) school. One 9 y/o in particular always tries to be a little tough guy.

We've had tournament practice the last few weeks, for the WTSDA regionals coming up. Never having competed in a tournament, I tend to say as little as possible and keep my forms realistic. I've been "judging" the kids forms, trying to get them to speak up and clean it up. I've never heard so many "with your permission"s and "judges"s in my life. I try to tell them it should only be three sentences, and only loud enough to be heard over the background noise. Your name, your school, your form. "Judges, my name is XXXXX. I train at XXXXX." And then some version of "With your permission, I will perform XXXXX" or, "My form is" or, "Please allow me to present," etc. Poor kids always end up doubling up on sections of the report, and leaving parts out. LOL