I know what you're getting at and the difference with the cut kick is that, you first bring your lead foot slightly closer (the movement is at an angle) closer to your rear foot, step of line with the rear kick and THEN actually kick (when you're off to the opponents side). That's the only kick I can see working against a SB.

As for our gym being able to stay up with those rates, I suppose it has something to do with the fact that the guy who actually owns the place (my instructor rents from him which helps too I, we bring in a whole different group of people which equals more money) makes bank as an anesthesiologist.

My instructor only needs 25 students to pay the rent (which is easy I think he has close to that now and he's only been officially open for a few weeks). My instructor does fine for himself thanks to the massive amount of reffing he does, the occasional fights (he won 3 out of 5 fights last week in Georgia)and he just got off 10 months in Afghanistan so you can bet he has tons of money to blow from that. Perfect time to start something like this. I'm loving the place. If circumstances permit I'll be here for a good long while.
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