Well, at least they chain attacks after something like a groin strike unlike some arts that have the godhand mindset of one punch one kill.

I don't advocate spending too much time learning to chain attacks based entirely on specific reactions (like bending over from a groin strike) but if you're practicing to flow into more attacks before stopping than that's not terrible. If you give someone a good hard kick in the crotch it WILL get some kind of reaction,l now they may well still be able to fight and if they actually are on something then it probably will do nothing, but a normal guy off the street is going to feel it enough to open up something else. Just like if you give someone a good shin kick in the thigh. Sure it may not end the fight but it will give you an opening somewhere else.

The difference with muay thai, is we don't really care all that much how you react from a particular attack, because the next thing we throw will hit SOMETHING and it will hurt. Actually, from what I've seen of Krav Maga, continuing attacks and motion is a big thing which I like. That concept has worked well for me when sparring with good fighters.
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