there's my testicle...I could see it through the hole in my scrotum.

Wow there should be a rating on this thread...you can't let a guy sitting at his desk just walk into reading something like this... cry

I'm going to be in phantom pain all day now.

On a more serious note, I agree that groin strikes are a bit overrated as targets, first as this example shows, the body will block the normal pain one might expect when the adrenaline rush hits, and second, every male walking upright is amazing good and protecting his groin, regardless of training.

Fake a shot at just about any guy and watch, they almost always in their flinch reaction protect the groin in some way.

Not to say it's not an option as a target, everything is on the table when it comes to self defense but I think was is important is to understand where the finish line is and the groin is not it.

In my opinion in self defense, besides escape of course. If stopping the attacker is your goal and you are using either striking or submission to accomplish the goal, then what you are doing is interfering with brain function to prevent the person from be capable of continuing. Period.

Everything else is simply a prelude to that. A strike or serious of strikes which disrupts brain function physically prevents a person from moving (a knockout) or a choke which cuts off oxygen to the brain which causes a person to loose consciousness, are forms of disrupting brain function and the goal of self defense technique. Everything else is a prelude to that, or a setup to get there.

It's possible an attacker might lose the will to fight prior to reaching that state due to the fear or injury of encounter, but in self defense we cannot count on or assume that.

What I do not believe, is that you teach someone to gouge the eyes or strike the groin as a delay on stop technique. While possible, it must be assumed improbable. Dominant position must be fought for, to create either the chance to strike, obtain a choke, a weapon or separation and escape.

Personally, I'm not even a big fan of separation and escape because if you are not big enough to beat a man, are you fast enough to escape them?

Self Defense to me says worse case scenario, and worse case scenario says you must stop the brain function of your attacker in order to secure you escape. That means knock out or submission...by any means necessary.

Should, other options present themselves? Running etc? Fantastic, path of least resistance. But for training, assume the worse, hope for the best.
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