See how those stories evolve, I heard he picked him up and Lee was yelling "put me down!"

Apparently he was being a pain in the a$$ onset and LeBell had enough.

Another story, when Lee was young, Parker told his guys to leave him alone because he was shopping the actor around to his Hollywood buddies. Lee might not have been the best MA in the world but he looked amazing on film, and his form was a thing of beauty.

Well, one night Lee and a guy who's name I won't mention because I got the story second hand (I'm not old like some of these geezers) anyway they got into a debate about fighting and it lead to some sparring and this guy gave it to BL pretty good.

Well the old man (as Parker was known) was livid, not sure what he did to the guy but that was the last time BL got man handled.

Don't get me wrong, he was still young he had just mouthed off to wrong guy and back in the day those guys pounded. BL was respected in the MA community even then though I doubt revered as the "best". Prettiest maybe, but hardly the best.

Again, the old stories from these guys are cool to hear even if you have to take them with a grain of salt as the years blur the details.

I will say I met a guy a long time ago who trained with Bill Wallace. He said he fought him in a tournament blah blah. He said yea, Bill kicked me in the head before I even knew we had started, but I held my own. Years later on a lark, I looked him up, and what do you know but I found him on a tournament results page. Bill Wallace First Place and Him in second...SOB was telling the truth!
Undefeated in all of Asia!