I was at a gathering of local Fillipino martial artists last weekend. There were several instructors teaching for about an hour each. It was interesting. At one point, the organizer put on a demonstration of his teaching method which involved several FMA in a blended fashion. At one point he looked over at my instructor, who teaches DTS kali, and said that he didn't want to step on his toes but he was going to do some Pekiti Tirsia seguidas. Now Dekiti Tirsia and Pekiti tirsia come through the same family from the Phillipines. Nene Tortal is the uncle of Leo Gaje. I just thought it was interesting that the PTK instructor thought that changing Pekiti to Dekiti was the only difference between the arts. For one thing, although my instructor knows the seguidas of Pekiti Tirsia, he does not teach them as Part of Nene Tortals art. I was wondering if there are other FMA people out there who are familiar with PTK who are unfamiliar with the differences in the way Leo and Nene tortal developed their interpretation of their family art. I am not looking for who thinks who is better. I just was curious if others thought it was merely changing a P to a D.