It sounds like your elevated readings were/are environmental, not physiological ie. work/life stress related, not due to arteriosclerosis.

With the readings you have shown on here, I doubt that a doctor in the UK would have put you on medication, even with your family history.

I appreciate its of personal concern to you, but I do recall that you tend to welcome and function on stress - I remember you saying you sleep as little as 4 hours a night and still feel energised, and that you embrace the pressure in your job. I would suggest that, as someone who has also stated a dislike of reliance on medication, that holistic environmental measures could be as effective for you as the meds - massage, aromatherapy, meditation etc could all help reduce stress levels.

Also, tight chest and breathlessness can also be attributed to anxiety/panic attacks, which are often associated with prolonged high stress levels.
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