It's weird Cord. I have been on meds for almost 2 weeks. Prior to that I could maintain these rates and actually have a lower Systolic but a slightly higher Diastolic (70-83). Now in the morning both are sort of flipped (not sure that makes sense or not).


4/20/2010 111/70
5/5/2010 117/76
6/1/2010 118/76
6/14/2010 113/72

These are some of my readings without meds but I also seen some slightly higher readings as well however I recently hit some high morning readings in the 130-145 range for the Systolic but still good on the Diastolic end. And the Diastolic end is the more important so not horribly but still a reason to be weary especially with my family history.

I normally take my readings in the morning as that is when I'm at rest. If at rest your readings are high that that is a red flag; but for the most part I have been really good with the exception of the last month. It is during the day that I get much higher and since that is the better part of the day, I needed to get this in order before I wound up like my Father or Grandfather. After work I could be anywhere from 130-163 and 70 to 93. It was way too inconsistent and usually on the higher end. Definitely red flags.

I just want to get everything in order and have smooth sailing. I have a lot of plans for the future and don't want to miss a beat. I'm otherwise healthy, I'm very active and I want to stay that way.

Thanks Cord.