I was curious about Pulse Rates. I had looked at this years ago but had not looked at for a while. As I keep track of my pulse rate in conjunction with my Blood Pressure regularly, I was curious to know where I fall under.

I will be 42 on this Thursday the 16th. My Pulse Rates are as follows:

High: 64
Low: 40
Average: 51

These are for the last 2 weeks and includes 16 readings so a very good basis. In respect to the chart my average would be rated as an athletic person; it is nice to know that the cardio and the weight lifting I'm doing has allowed me some benefits.

I have noticed since introducing cardio my pulse rates have come down. Prior my average pulse rate was around 58 which is still pretty decent.

If wondering. I keep track of my BP/Pulse Rate in an App on my iPod Touch called iBP; best $0.99 I've ever spent. I have a monitor at home that I use and then record them here which tracks it. The App has some good features such as graphs and the ability to e-mail your results to your doctor. May be something worth looking at if you are interested.

So how do you rate?