You know what, you point to the republicans who are tax cheats and I point to democrats who are bigger tax cheats. Which one of us has the right view point. I want everyone to pay less taxes if for no other reason the "blanking" politicians are the ones who recieve the most benefits from our tax money and they don't pay their taxes. Too many on your side want people to pay more taxes to use the money to help people even knowing that 90 percent of the money will not be spent to "help people" but will in fact be used to buy votes, reward their freinds and campaign contributers and line their own pockets. The money that does sometimes help people, about half will be lost to fraud and waste. I repeat my concept, if I give someone 20 dollars to buy a loaf of bread, and they come back with just a pound of candy, no change and they tell you that you owe the store another ten dollars, because they started a tab in your name, would you ever give them another penny of your money. You apparently would. Taxes need to be lowered, people need to keep the money they earn and put it to good uses according to their needs, wants and desires and not the needs of criminals in elected office who are too lazy to pick up a gun and steal money the old fashioned way. Stop feeding the disease.

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