I don't pretend that the republicans don't do it, they are politicians after all. However, they don't go around denouncing anyone who wants to keep their money as "not paying their fair share" and they at least end up most of the time on the side that wants to lower everyones taxes. The democrats are constantly calling people greedy, Biden said that it is patriotic to pay taxes. The Obamas keep telling the young people of today to not go into jobs that pay a lot of money, instead they should give back to the community. This of course is not what they did when Michelle got the 350,000 dollar a year job denying poor people admittance to the hospital she worked at. A job they got rid of when Barack and Michelle went to washington. The hypocrites are the democrats. An excellent book on this topic is "Do as I say" which chronicles this type of democrat hypocrisy. They all call rich people greedy and then shelter all of their money from confiscatory taxation. I think it is Pelosi, or Boxer that owns wineries and bed and breakfast places. They fight to unionize their own states and then deny their employees, who work in other states, the right to unionize. So please, the democrats are the hypocrites here, the republicans are just being politicians. Tim Geitner and Charles wrangle are tax cheats, you have another democrat giving grants to her family members. If you are going to raise taxes on everything up to and including taxing the air we breath, please, pay "your fair share of the taxes you are raising."

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