We are not going make any progress, but the economic numbers are out there if you look. The numbers of empty apartments, the businesses that serve the Latino community are way down, sure some of them serve illegals but the vast % is legal.

The economic impacts are also way over stated depending on your Political Stand, figures lie and liars figure. Plus, the jobs they do. I cold write a book on that. In fact I work on a documentary that honored a healthcare worker who went into migrant worker camps to administer basic care. See, the other side of the story is more of the workers stay in the shadow because they are scared of deportation so they don't get basic care. By the time they hit the ER, often it's because they let minor things fester.

As for the work, trust me getting Americans to do it has been a problem for generations. Not all the jobs it's not a cut and dry thing, but the vast majority hard low income hard labor jobs. Keeping them filled with hard working Americans, especially in decent economy is very very difficult.

Go online and look for interviews. You'll find dozens that talk about programs where the bosses will say most Americans don't make it to lunch before they walk off. Work is too hard.

So, report came out which is huge egg on SB1070's face. The big contention was that Government wasn't enforcing the law. Well, turns out they were. Numbers are way down, enforcement is way up (all before 1070). What is needed, is reform. Guest worker program, enforcement against the real criminals and drug runners etc. Fair and reasonable paths to citizenship.

Not a fence and bunch of yahoo's with guns...but whatever make you feel good I guess. Funny how whenever the economy get's rough the immigrants get kicked around, then when things get better, we eat our cheap lettuce and forget all about it for a while?
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