That's another thing, considering that some Muslims don't even think it should go up, why the hell is it an invalid opinion that we shouldn't put it up?

The only valid opinion I've heard that it shouldn't go up, is that things have gone so far in the wrong direction that the original mission of outreach has now been lost.

I disagree with that in principle, I think you cannot let prejudice win, you must stand up to it. Maybe that's not practical, but leadership is tough and this to me requires it. But it's not my land so as long as it's left up to the people who own it and they make the choice and it's not forced upon them then whatever they decide is fine I guess.

I do hope the builders of the (insert whatever word) find a way to bring their community together on this. I'm sure there is a way if they try, and they certainly seem willing too. I do find it promising that for the most part they have stayed out of the fray. I think Newt Gingrich embarrassed himself. For a smart guy he said some pretty dumb things. Keith Olbermann did a nice piece on the issue factually, if he could have left the angry man routine and not used Edward R Murrow's sign off at the end. I do think Kieth is a bit of a pudding head, but if you can put that to the side for a minute, this is a decent report.


So, did anyone enjoy Jan Brewer Governor of AZ and her 16 second freeze frame?? That was special. I think one of staffers was supposed to pull the string on her back, guess they forgot...ooops.

Actually, since we are never going to get anywhere on NYC, and the Mods aren't shutting us down (bored I guess? Hey are we the fat girl in spandex at the bar?)

I figured we could switch up to SB1070. A really bad piece of legislation for Arizona. I knew it would pass when it first came out, but I could also see all the problems it would cause and now here we are a few months down the road and viola, I'm either a Pychic, genius or as Matt likes to say, right grin
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