Pretty sure it's at least partly a Mosque. Nobody (literally nobody) supports what you're saying the nature of this structure.

No and no.

First of all, there is a room for Islamic Prayer in the Pentagon, no one not a soul would call the Pentagon a Mosque. Nor would they call it Church or anything else.

The word Mosque is meant to define a Church or Cathedral in our American Vernacular. You know that, I know that, everyone who reports on this issue knows that, and they also know that is not what is being nor has it ever be proposed.

What is being proposed is an Islamic Cultural Center, that has facilities which included prayer or service rooms. Like a Church, or a Y or a Chapel, but with other facilities as well.

So, to say it's a Mosque is misleading On purpose and we both know thats the truth.

It's also not at ground zero. It's 2 blocks from t The World Trade Center Campus, and 5 blocks from the location of the North Tower's closest point. If you are familiar with NYC at all, you would know that is fairly far away in city terms from ground zero. It's not in the shadow, it's not visible, it's not in the same neighborhood. It's close, sure but if you were at ground zero you'd have to walk a fair distance, and know where you were going to even find it. It most certainly is not at ground zero.

So, the "Mosque at ground zero" is completely a BS statement.

Further, of all people, the Muslim community has been the one ( excluding the right) who has said, maybe for the sake of getting along with the west maybe this project is not a good idea. I applaud their sentiment, but disagree with rewarding the xenophobic behaviors that would push these people out of their neighborhood.

Again, they didn't come in from the outside, they have been there for 30 years. While your point about Islam not being a race is valid, it doesn't change the facts. Just because others have overplayed the raced card, doesn't mean racism doesn't exist, and it doesn't mean that this issue isn't about racism. The details are different, but the motivation and philosophy holds. The problem is not who they are but who some people think they are, the rest is just semantics.
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