I think that the guy burning the Qur'an has a constitutional right to burn those books. I do not think that he should, much like I do not think they should build the mosque in New York.

OK since we can live with each other, lets touch on this. I think from what you've stated that you agree that both groups have the legal right to do both things, burn and build. You do not think they should do either.

I take issue with you calling the community center a Mosque. Because that would be like calling a YMCA a Cathedral. It's inflammatory on purpose, designed to attach action of one group to another so it can push forward a racist agenda.

That's why it's so important, if you believe in the American Ideal, that the community center be built. It's not an invasion, you would be pushing these American Citizens out of their neighborhood, and why? Because they look like someone else. Not because of their behavior, not because of their beliefs but because a group of people who come from a foreign land, who don't respect our laws, or our way of life co opted a book and twisted it in way that gave them the idea that was OK to murder innocent people. To ask these people to now move their community center, out of their community, where they have lived as American Citizens for 30 plus years is at best intellectually lazy, and at worst pure racism.

In between, I can see where there is some sense of concern for those who lost loved ones on 9-11. They are not racist and their immediate visceral reaction is understandable, and should be recognized and addressed. But their anger, is misplaced. It's insensitive, in fact cruel to hold innocent people accountable for the actions of terrorist, when they were in no way involved or supportive of them.

To ask them to move, not build or go away in any form is to say the perceived slight of one group somehow trumps the innocence of another. And if that is not the basis of racism, nothing is.
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