Hi just a quick note of my time in Manhattan TSK, I'm a disabled Brit, went along, found informed friendly people who welcomed me into their dojo. Sure there is money taken and a contract that is quite long, but I WANT to train, and commit to it, so I was happy with buying a package of classes that I could use up according to my availability ( I come and go from U.K. to USA all the time )and TSK's flexibility around that issue really suits me as I often change my work schedules and so have to also change my class schedules, which they were happy to accommodate. The classes are hard and fast, lots of cardio working out, no wasted time, with a good stretching session to end each class, very good( so may classes leave out the post class stretching). I left every class wet through with sweat, the instructors of varying senior levels all had good communication skills, friendly and demanding schedules, and after just 2 weeks I had gotten my fitness back to levels that usually take about a month. I was touched that some of them had worked out different patterns for me ( I only kick except in grappling classes) without being asked and that my disability had no more impact than it needs to, IE very little. They just got on with training me in the class. Value for money is good if you train regularly, I trained 4 times a week when I could and got great value. So, that's my version of Manhattan TSK. I cannot wait to go back.