First a pre-story, story. I was born and raised in Calgary. At the age of 10 my family moved to where my parents grew up. Prince Edward Island. The kids of PEI were all the exact same. All white, ignorant, and not accepting of people who are different. When I found this out I grew my hair long (to [censored] them off). Very long compared to any boy in this province. Since then they always picked on me of course, but I didn't mind because it filtered out my friends. The ones who called me a homo were not my friends the ones that accepted me with my long hair of course stayed my friends. Throughout all the years I was still picked on of course, but it didn't really affect me badly. It actually made me stronger as an individual. The point of this pre-story, story was just to let you know why I was "attacked". Here it goes:

Today I was really bored so I decided to go play basketball (by myself...lame I know :P) at the local elementary. (it's the only good place with an outside basketball court around) After about a hour of me playing about 5 ATV's and 2 dirt-bikes showed up. They all yelled at me and swore and stuff...the usual, but one kid was really trying to impress his so called "friends" and he followed me as I began walking away from them. He kept running into the back of my ankles and legs. Eventually he got bored of this and turned around. I thought he was done but then he faced me and sped after me and punched me on the way by. He went back to do it again and as he went by, punching me pretty much harmlessly on the shoulder I thought out a perfect way to take him out. It went through my mind as clear as day. *As he went by I would simply do a spinning back fist to his face and knock him off the bike* It seemed too easy, but then I of course remembered all his friends so I just continued walking away...ignoring him.

So yeah...that happened just about an hour ago. It wasn't really scary at all because I was doing a breathing technique I learned from yoga and that kept me really calm and made me able to not panic. This was kind of a pointless story, but you guys are part of my Martial Arts family so I thought you should know.

His punches didn't hurt at all btw. I think he was punching with his wrists bent....even with the power of his dirt-bike it was barely anything. He probably actually hurt his wrists more than he hurt me anyways with those bent wrists wink