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So how many of you guys support your stick training with live blade training? I like the way a blade forces me to focus on my stroke technique, and I just like to play with swords anyway <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

What bout you guys?

Never trained with a sword, my art did not do that. But I appreciate the sword and own one and keep it on my mantel more for visual purposes. But time to time like to pull it from the scabbard to marvel at it. I would have loved to have learned its use.

At the end of my training in self defense we were getting into knife defense however these were not real knives but rather ones made by one of my fellow students out of metal to get the feel and weight however blunt and fat so as not to have to worry about cutting yourself.

Training, definitely would not use anything sharp or lethal. As it takes years to develop any real skill, it is best just to leave that alone. Training is suppose to be as safe as possible with the exception of some bumps and bruises. Introduce something sharp then you not only have to worry about yourself but others; that in my opinion is a no-no.