Is it possible, at all, to learn Muay Thai alone? I'm obsessed with it and train a bit everyday, but I can't start at a gym because the closest is almost 2 hours drive away, and I can't go there because of school.. I'm 19, I've been training my muscles in a gym for quite some time, I still train them at home, I am a fast runner, got good stamina. Still training my flexibility and trying to improve my stamina. My question, can I learn it at all? I got some friends to spar with, plus my brother (who trained Savate at some point). And one of my friends train TaeKwonDo and one of them is just pure muscles, so I get some challenge by clinching and punching.. I practice a lot using my knees and elbows, as well as shadowboxing while moving. I move faster and faster after a while, to try and get used to it. I watch defense and attack technique videos on the net, plus I read very closely all kinds of "instructions" and Muay Thai learning websites that I can find. I might travel to Thailand next year, with my girlfriend. Her uncle promised to teach me a little bit, and he's been training Muay Thai for almost 30 years. But that's just for 3-4 weeks. But other than that, by doing what I do. Can I learn it? Or at least reach above average skill level?

I might be able to join a club in the future, but till then, I have no choice!