I have made a body weight training routine and want to run it by you guys first.

It consists of:

(In the morning I do some yoga then eat breakfast then I do the following)

-Squats 10x2 rep
-Hindu squats 10x2 rep
-Lunges 10x2 rep
-Burpees 10x2 rep

-Plank 10x1 rep
-Side Plank 10x1 rep
-V-Sits 10x1 rep
-Bridge 10x1 rep
-Hip Lift 10x1 rep
-Seated Oblique Twists 10x1 rep
-Alternating Superman 10x1 rep

-Push Ups 10x2 rep
-Hindu Push Ups 10x2 rep
-Reverse Push Ups 10x2 rep
-Hand Stands 5x1 rep

-Pull Ups 5x3 rep
-Chin Ups 5x3 rep
-L Pull Ups 5x3 rep
-L Chin Ups 5x3 rep

-Tiger Claws 5x2 rep
-Spider Ups 5x2 rep

After this I work on Martial Arts footwork, Ukemi, Stances, and Timing.

Then I work on some katas and techniques.

Them I warm and cool down, eat, and then go practice soccer.

I do this work out 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) and have a Martial Arts class on Tuesday.

I would appreciate some feedback and suggestions.

Here is some info on me:
Age: 16
Weight: 140 lbs
Height: Not sure, sorry.
Martial Arts: Beginner. (maybe 10th or 9th kyu. probably 10th, but I have no idea)
If you need any more just ask for it.

Thanks You,

-Nathan MacDonald