Hello BigWiggly:

Have not had the pleasure before, a pleasure to meet you! <small bow of friendly greeting>

You raise several issues. Lets start with ones assorted title(s). Perhaps this is my cultural bias, but if you are not of/from another culture, not a "national" of that specific culture, why on earth should we use THEIR terminology(ies) beyond literal identification if, if we absolutely must???

There are many who butcher irreparably whatever language they are pretending to use, and do so in order to create and maintain an entirely artificial higher "status". Idiotic foolishness. "... great you can speak Tibetian, so what, you are still a massive jerk..."

What of others who need their titles? My name is Jeff. If you'd like to call me something (for class), I'm uncomfortable with it but if done low key enough, quietly, Ill try and ignore it.

But what kind of massive flatulence is it when the titles are screamed at the top of ones lungs, as a matter of so called culture. Militancy of a very specific (minor) time frame in history, is that atmosphere meaningful for good training?