Update: Finishing up the 2nd routine (did full body first, other second); I have about 2 weeks left. They were both great - I found the full body routine to be good all around and the other to allow me to gain strength a little faster considering the lower volume. I'm thinking about doing a 4-day routine once I'm done with my current one. I would like to get a little more volume in to focus on gaining muscle mass for this next routine and then maybe switch back to a lower volume routine for strength.

Here's an outline of it:

1. Front squats/smaller leg exercise(s)

2. Back/shoulders

3. Deadlifts/smaller leg exercise(s)

4. Chest/arms

When I say "smaller leg exercises," I mean exercises that wouldn't require much weight (i.e. overhead squats) or isolation exercises.
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.