Hi everyone! I have been interested for quite some time now in taking up a martial art. While researching I came across this forum and thought I would join up.

So here's the deal, The two martial arts I am very inclined towards studying are Wing tsun and akido, both in their own respective ways, and for a number of reasons, and I would like to pursue one of these two this fall. I am still undecided as to which one, but am leaning towards Wing tsun.

So now to the question/issue. I am currently in training as a surgeon, and given the nature of my career/training I can't undertake a martial are that would pose a high risk to injury of my hands/fingers. I realize that there is obviously always some risk in any sport, and of course I'm not concerned about small bumps and bruises, but my question is basically whether or not Wing tsun in inherently hard on the hands (ie sticky hands, using the wooden dummy, body and hand conditioning etc).

Thank you for any advice, I really appreciate it.