Hi Guys,

I keep going over this question in my head, thought I would run it by you as your experience and knowledge can maybe help me out.

I have been studying a form of Jujitsu (For arguments sake we shall call it traditional even though its not) for just over a year now, I have reached mid level rank (green belt). I enjoy the art and the class is relaxed and friendly.

However some of the techniques the club teaches would be very hard to apply in the outside world. The main reason for this is we train with non resistance, it is almost like a choreographed phase of movements.

I also have been taking Commando Krav Maga crossed with other combatives for 2years. A lot of the techniques I have learned in Jujitsu are difficult to pull off in these classes against guys who are resisting. This has got me thinking, should I really be training in Judo, which would give me the opportunity to practice throws and locks against opponents who are resisting?

I really do enjoy Jujitsu and would see it as a great accomplishment to reach black belt in the particular style, however at the end of the day if the techniques I am learning simply only ‘look’ effective rather than ‘being’ effective should I really continue? Or is it the fact that I am not yet skilled enough to perform the techniques successfully as say a black belt possibly would?

I may give Judo a try, the only thing that puts me off Judo slightly is a few people I know (including my father) who have studied the art have told me horror stories of injuries they have received. But I guess this is inevitable in such a contact sport?

Your views would be greatly appreciated.