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Thank you for your comments.

I think I'll expand as to what I need to see before I put them forward for Shodan (1st Dan). I'm looking for mental attitude as the physical is only part of it.

Seven virtues of Bushido

The Bushido code is typified by seven virtues:
You can teach a monkey to perform karate (you can find this on You tube), does that mean it is worthy of a black belt. To me and many Yudansha (blackbelts) the above Virtues are what makes a Yudansha not the physical side.

Bushido is one of my favorite subjects! However:

(1) If a dojo or a sensei is going to require students to adhere to a code, the students usually agree to do so from the outset (i.e. prior to training). Some require blood oaths, and some ask for a general promise. Has your school or class done so? It's not clear from your original posting.

(2) I understand that the higher dan levels require some spiritual development, but I thought that the shodan level was strictly technical, and used as a gateway to the higher levels. Why hold them back from further training that may develop them spiritually if they are ready for the first technical level?

I ask these questions from the perspective of a student, because it would worry me greatly if I entered into a training arrangement and it was suddenly changed when I wanted to test for shodan.

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