When I was in Iraq and wanted to lose weight, I walked from my CHU to chow and wherever else I needed to go at the hottest times. That did the trick.
But in all seriousness, I never found the eliptical much use, I would just stick to the treadmill and bike. Mostly the treadmill.
Bump up your 30 60's from 3 to 5 or 6. If you need to take longer breaks to do it that's fine, just try to shorten them gradually and eventually jog as your break. Do those late at night on a long stretch of road because they suck on a treadmill (because of the gradual climbdown in speed).
I was on Talill and we had a half mile stretch of road I would use for those. I don't know what you do but we ran convoys so we were often active at night, especially towards the end so it worked out well. Try some of the p90x classes too, I know guys who swear by p90X for endurance and general fitness, even pt studs.
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