In my opinion (and how i was trained), if you start inventing your own style of martial art, then its not that exact discipline anymore. Then it because your changing something.

If you take tea (water, tealeaves, sugar and milk), and you add another ingredient to it, to enhance it somehow to your preference, lets say honey, it becomes Honey tea, still tea, but not quite.

The same applies to a discipline, if you take karate, and add your own stuff to it, it becomes something different.

Please understand when i say, its right NOT to restrict yourself to one martial art, but the question at hand was, "are these 1st kyu students ready for grading", and in your style, you do things the way you were taught for 8 years, adding your own fancy tricks wont help you in the grading.

So if you want to pass your gradings, do it exactly the way you were taught, street fighting you can mix and match as you feel comfortable with, which is not the case at hand though smile
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