Hello, Im new here! I've been playin with my diet and excerise routine and Im tryin to drop weight. My training prior was mainly weight training and VERY little cardio. Now I want to switch gears and increase my cardio (endurance, speed, ect) and slim down. My diet right now is 1200 cal
2 packets of oatmeal
2 boiled egg whites

roast beef sandwich
2 slices of wheat breat
mustard (3 packets)
onions, lettuce and tomato (not sure the cals there)

Syntha 6 Protein shake

My routine is MWF I do 45 min of cardio:
15 min on eliptical
15 min on bike
15 min on tredmill

Tu, and Th
I sprint for 30 sec walk for 60 3 times.

Id also like to point out that im currently deployed to iraq and its hot as hell and im drinking more water than i would if i was in the states. its like 130+ right now..